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If you are a business owner looking to build your online presence, you may have come across Hibu.com.  Hibu is a digital and print marketing firm focused on targeting small business owners.  However, they may have larger clients too.  Their products and services include websites, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and display advertising.  According to Wikipedia.  Additionally, their website shows them providing search engine optimization (SEO) and directory services.  There are no prices openly displayed on their website.

Hibu used to be Yellowbook, but later rebranded.  This could be due to some financial trouble they had in the past.

You may have received a sales call from a Hibu representative, which is why you are looking for reviews about Hibu.  Is Hibu worth it? Is Hibu a scam? 

Hibu reviews are mixed across the internet from former employees, customers and past customers.  Some people think that if they could perform marketing for their customers as great as they market themselves, they may be worth it.

So the question is should you go with Hibu for your online business presence?  

Hibu Reviews From Across the Internet 

hibu - The publisher of Yellowbook

Fraudulent charges. I had an agreement with Yellow Book 360. They continuously messed up our advertising for several months. I then proceeded to tell them that we no longer wish ...

hibu Reviews

958 hibu reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

Yellow Book - Fraudulent activity

It all started with my desire to up my business this year, seeing that the economy was going down i thought i would try yellow book, since they had the back page available. Being such a big purchase I was sure that my service would be great, and that they would do me good.

Ripoff Report | Hibu Complaint Review Nationwide: 1143508

Company is a big scam!!!!! Waiting months on end for any sign of work and get nothing customer service is trash and the employess are borderline children.

hibu is rated "Great" with 8.3 / 10 on Trustpilot

Do you agree with hibu's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 135 customers have already said. | corporate.hibu.com

What Should I Do When Dealing With Hibu?
Verify any claims made by  the Hibu sales representative.
Be sure to go over any contract in details.  There are nightmare stories regarding this on the internet.
Ask lots of questions about Hibe advertising and be sure the answers can be verified.
Contact past Hibu customers to and get their opinions. 
Compare pricing and services. Shop around.  And ask yourself, can I do this myself to save money?
This video is from a current or past customer.
The only problem with this video is it is hosted on the Hibu Youtube channel.  Maybe you can contact the person in this video?
Here is a video with a recorded voicemail left by a Hibu Employee
This employee seems upset about this person Dan writing up a scathing review of the Hibu services. Hibu is a large company, so many marketers try get traffic by writing up their own reviews, normally negative, and then offering their services.  However, to be fair some of the claims may be true.
Should you advertise with Hibu? Here is a past customer advising against going with Hibu
G Packard adamantly states not to go with Hibu for your online advertising needs.  Not so good for Hibu.
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